SEDCYDO Annual Meeting & EACD Annual Scientific Meeting 2017
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Guidelines For Abstracts Submision


The Organizing Committee of the SEDCYDO Annual Meeting & EACD Annual Scientific Meeting, which will take place in Barcelona, from 28 to 30 September 2017, at the “Col·legi Oficial d’Odontòlegs i Estomatòlegs de Catalunya” (COEC), invites to the sending of scientific abstracts for its presentation at the Annual Meeting.

It is imperative to read carefully the instructions below, before writing the abstract and for its later presentation.

Abstracts not prepared according to the guidelines will not be accepted for publication and will be returned to the authors without reaching the evaluation phase.

Abstracts also may be rejected for publication if they contain errors, misspellings or if they are not legible.

No abstracts will be accepted without proof of congress registration.


  • Abstracts must be typed in English.
  • Authors must suggest the mode of presentation preferred (oral or poster presentation). The final decision upon the mode of presentation will be communicated to the candidate member by the organizing committee no later than 60 days prior to the meeting.
  • Authors should choose the presentation format of their abstract, depending on whether they are: a scientific report, a case report or a literature review (see the section “Presentation format of abstracts”).
  • Abstracts may be from 200 – 250 words (maximum).
  • Abstracts must be written in a single-spaced with 12-point, Times New Roman letter type in a Word
  • Do not include illustrations. However, tables may be used.
  • Write the entire title with boldface.
  • The person presenting the abstract should be the first author and have his/her name underlined.
  • It must be stated: the name and last name (or initials preceding the last name of every author), the center/place of work, and the country of origin of each author. Omit degrees and titles. If appropriate, it should be clearly specified that the person presenting is an EACD candidate
  • Leave one line between author information and the body of the abstract.
  • It is not acceptable to say that the results will be presented and/or discussed.
  • The deadline for abstract submission (oral communication or poster) is Friday 28th of July (inclusive). Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts must be sent to the President of the Scientific/Research Committee, Doctor Nikolaos Giannakopoulos, to the following address:


Abstracts should follow the below mentioned format:

  • Abstract for scientific reports. This should include a brief statement of:
    • Introduction
    • Objective of the investigation
    • Experimental methods used
    • Statistical analysis
    • Essential results
    • Conclusions
  • Abstract for case reports. This should include a brief statement of:
    • Patient’s history
    • Chief complaint of the patient
    • Main clinical findings
    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment goals
    • Treatment plans
    • Treatment outcome
    • Report possible positive and negative therapeutic implications for similar cases
  • Abstract for literature review. This should include a brief statement of:
    • Introduction
    • Aim of the review
    • Materials and methods
    • Most relevant results
    • Conclusions


  • Abstracts will be peer reviewed to meet quality standards. The peer review committee consists of the President of the Research Committee and two members selected by him. The peer review committee reserves the right to give suggestions upon the abstract in case minor modifications would improve it at such level to meet the quality standards of the EACD.
  • Abstracts not prepared according to the EACD guidelines will not be accepted for presentation.
  • The decision upon acceptance or rejection will be sent to the author by email not later than 60 days before the meeting. The decision is final.


  • Oral communications should be defended in English
  • Accepted posters must be written in English. Only in specific cases (manifested difficulty with English), they may be defended in Spanish. In such cases, it must be notified to the organization, so that a member of the Scientific Committee of the EACD who knows Spanish may be present in the defense of the poster.
  • Format: posters should be adjusted to size 120 cm high x 0.90 cm wide, to be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.
  • Time for presentation:
    • Oral communications: speakers will have 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes maximum for questions. The Organizing Committee, together with the President of the EACD Research Committee, will determine and communicate to the author (with sufficient time in advance) the schedule of his/her
    • Posters: speakers will have 3 minutes to present the theme of his poster and to present the main findings presented. Then, at least 2 minutes will be available for discussion.